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Guild Theme Song Premiering Tomorrow!

As some of you know, your guild leader has been hard at work on what is sure to be the best guild theme song in existence. Look, it doesn’t matter if it’s the only guild theme song in existence, it still counts.

So, check the website tomorrow at 5 server (PST) for the world premiere of:

The Censored Linguists: Best Guild in the World

Get hyped, y’all.

Posted on 4.28.17

Check your in-game calendar for raid day polling.

As a guild with aspirations to eventually get together and actually do some raiding, we need to start thinking about logistics.

First things first,we’ve gotta figure out what days are going to work for the most people.  So, I’ve placed in-game calendar events for each day next week.  Please sign up for the events on all days that would work for you.

Note that this doesn’t mean we’ll be raiding 4 days a week if there happens to be 4 days where everyone can make time for raiding.  It just means we’ll know which days are going to work for the most people so we can start narrowing things down.

Posted on 4.26.17

Cunning Linguistics Returns!

This will be a wonderful place for guild news, such as:

  1. What bosses we’ve recently beaten into submission.
  2. Strategies to beat said bosses into said submission.
  3. Intense speculation about what Galnadir is gonna do when we kick him out of the guild.

You know, all sorts of fun things!

For now, we at least needed a post or two so that we can get things themed and working.  So whether you deserved being exposed to this bullshit fluff piece or not…too late.  Sorry!

Posted on 4.19.17