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Making sure you’re raid ready…

I wanted to make a quick down and dirty guide to all the things that people can do to make sure they’re raid ready. I know there’s a lot, especially this expansion, and not everyone has the time to go research everything — or will remember each part — so I’m doing what I can to help by making a nice concise list y’all can just skim through to check.

First, let’s make sure everyone knows about these standard resources:

HOWEVER, one caveat: If either of these resources suggest something that simply doesn’t gel with your playstyle at all, ignore that particular piece of advice.  For example, if Icy Veins suggests a talent that you just can’t seem to use correctly…then ignore it and pick the talent you can use properly, even if it means lower “theoretical DPS.”  Or if AMR suggests a trinket that you can’t work right?  Then tell it which trinkets you want instead and let it work around your choice (I can help tell people how to do that if they need).  Don’t beat yourself over the head trying to do something that just isn’t working for you personally.

Alright, now as far as keeping your gear raid ready:

The Netherlight Cruible is also important, even if it’s kind of a confusing little addition to the game:

Posted on 12.31.17