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A quick guide for upgrading ledgies to 1,000.

Want to get those ledgies up to iLvL 1,000, but not sure how?  I gotcha.

First things first, go talk to Arcanomancer Vridel in Dalaran. He’ll offer you the quest, A Titanic Effort, which asks you to collect 50 Wakening Essences.

Easy enough, right? But how do you get these Essences? There’s a few ways:

  1. Every time you kill a boss in The Burning Throne, you’ll pick up 3-6.
  2. Your first daily heroic dungeon of the day will net you 5.
  3. World quest emissary caches provide 4-10.
  4. Each week that you do a Mythic+ — even just a +2 — you will earn 20 Essences in your chest the following Tuesday.
  5. Some PvP stuff that maybe Dusk will do or something.

When you’ve collected 50, you can head back to Vridel for an Awoken Titan Essence, which will upgrade any legendary in your inventory to level 1,000.

Don’t kill yourself trying to upgrade all 15 of your amassed legendaries or anything, but at the very least, it shouldn’t take long to upgrade your two best pieces.  Do a heroic with the guildies here and there…go help out the Highmountain Tauren, even if you pledged never to head back to that awful zone again.  An extra 60 iLevels on every raider is going to be helpful, so definitely try and make some time to grab these.

Posted on 12.2.17